Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Post: Cee Cee & Uncle Will

In an effort to catch up with all the posts that are floating around in my head, I decided to actually DO the post rather than think about it. Novel concept, huh! :) My mom and brother came down the day before Katie's birthday (yes, it was over a month ago - I already said I was way behind) so she could go ahead and open some presents, and BOY did she love it! I'd say her favorite was the gigantic Elmo card from Uncle Will, as well as the teeny card that was on a gift from Uncle Will. She kept saying "book" and waving it around! Cee Cee wanted her to have the candle headband to wear for her party, so of course, she had to practice! Enjoy some pictures!

Let the ripping begin!

She LOVED her Elmo card

I love this snorty grin

Katie was wondering what this birthday cake toy was all about! She still loves to play with it!

Practicing for her birthday party....too cute!

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