Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Second Mother's Day

In my effort to catch up on posts from the past couple of months, I definitely wanted to write about my second Mother's Day! It was great, bottom line. We started the day by going to church - and it was the first day that we left Katie in the nursery. It was great to be able to enjoy the church service and not have to worry about keeping Katie quiet and entertained - and Katie did great. She was whiny when we went to get her, but that is only because it was coming up on her morning nap time (and I am sure the fact that it was her first time in there was also a contributing factor). After we got home and layed her down for a nap, I started prepping for a picnic! When Katie woke up, we went and met Brad's mom, my mom, and my brother for a Mother's Day picnic. It was fabulous - the weather was perfect, it was nice to be so informal and relaxed and not have to rush or yell because of being at a restaurant, and it let us all get some sun and fresh, of course, the company was great :)

It is amazing how much changes in one year! Below is a picture of my and my sweet pea last year on my first Mother's Day. Katie was 11 days old. Such a teeny baby.

And here is a picture of us this year - she has grown so much (and I love that my hair is longer) and is such a happy, sweet baby girl. I am so lucky that she is mine - what a great reason to celebrate Mother's Day!
And here is a picture of Brad with his sweet momma ("Grandma") at our Mother's Day Picnic! Great picture, isn't it!?

And here is a picture of me and my brother with my momma - this group can be challenging because my mom and brother ALWAYS close their eyes in pictures, so all things considered, this is a pretty good picture, too!

And, all 4 of us mommas - L to R, Jan (Will's nurse), Brad's mom, my mom, and me!

And this year, Brad and Katie did a great job shopping for Mother's Day. And I do believe it was a combined Valentine's Day gift too - I got a new camera! It arrived just a couple days after Mother's Day and is super nice. I need to find a class to take to learn the ins and outs of this thing - it is one of those fancy schmancy kinds that professionals use! I did read the manual when we were at the beach (another post from that trip to follow, and it was feature pictures with the new camera), so that was helpful for sure!

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