Monday, June 21, 2010

Memorial Day Fun

Yep...still playing catch up with these posts. We had some friends over on Memorial Day weekend to grill out and visit - it was so fun! While I love my sweet baby, it was fun to hang out with childless friends....Katie was the only kiddo (and luckily goes to bed fairly early!). She thoroughly enjoyed all of the attention before her bedtime though, that's for sure. We definitely are blessed with some fantastic friends. And it was great to hang out on the deck - we don't do that often enough! Here are some pictures of the gathering...

Katie playing with one of her birthday presents from Andrew and Ashley

CHEESE!! .... or, well, mandarin oranges! ;)

The crew eating dinner (Brad and I were inside while Katie ate her dinner)

Brad and myself

Me and Blondie

Some of the excitement of the evening surrounded watching Katie wiggle in her crib on the monitor - it was hilarious to see how everyone wanted to watch her scoot around in her sleep!

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