Thursday, June 17, 2010

Going, Going, GONE!

Well this post has definitely been a long time coming, and it is late (as usual, these days). Our sweet girl started walking - finally! For the longest time we thought she was really going to do it! She just was not confident enough...until recently, that is. On May 27, she took 40 steps without holding on. That was sufficient enough evidence to me! After lots of practice, she is now almost running. I love that she can explore even more turf now, but it also means you cannot take your eyes off her! She is into everything - in a good way of course. :) Here are some pictures (though, yes, I understand it is hard to get still shots of such an important action):

I think this is one is my favorite - it looks like she is saying she's #1 at walking, doesn't it??

Doing a little high-stepping....

Going to explore Mommy & Daddy's bathroom (we now keep our bedroom door closed so it is one less place to have to chase her to!)

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