Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can't Forget!!

There are a few things I have thought about putting into a blog post so I don't forget about them. Of course, they are focused around Katie and things she does/says/likes/doesn't like these days :) So, here we go!

  • When we say the alphabet, she will sing along saying random letters. If we sing with her and pause, she will say the right letter! Her all-time favorites these days are W, X, Y, Z though - and it is adorable! She says "dub-a-dooo" for "W" and she is pretty good at "X" and then she says "Y and Z!!!!". When she says the "Z", she shakes her head like she is singing it loud and proud. Adorable.

  • I wondered at what age kids start becoming a little more afraid of things. Well, now I know. Katie is not a fan of bugs! (such a girly girl) When we go to the pool, she won't walk into the kiddy pool if there is a floating bug (it is a zero entry pool). I wonder if it has something to do with those nasty cicadas we had early this summer?? She is very interested in the bugs, but doesn't want them close to her!

  • Another thing she has payed closer attention to recently is when it storms! Yesterday we had some nasty storms blow through and one of the huge claps of thunder actually woke her up. She did doze off and on, and she she finally got up she whimpered when it thundered again. I told her what it was, and from then on, anytime it thundered, she said "UNDER" (her version of thunder)! I did eventually get her to say "tund-er" so it was a little closer to the real word.

  • Today at her Summer Play Days, a program came and brought animals and reptiles with them! And Katie touched all but one of them! WOW!! So I guess curiosity got the best of her - or peer pressure :) I know for sure that she touched the snake. Amazing!

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  1. She's braver than me -- I won't touch a snake. And yet, she doesn't like those bugs....:)

    Love the "under"