Thursday, June 30, 2011

Resolution Recap: June

Can it be possible that it is the end of yet another month?! Wow - hard to believe that tomorrow marks the beginning of July! I do enjoy taking time to reflect on the resolutions that I made earlier this year. If I am falling behind, writing about it gives me a swift kick in the rear! And being able to give myself a pat on the back for the ones I am keeping up with is a good thing as well. Anyway, here we go with the recap!

1) Read 14 books: I have finished another one! Yippee! Now if I can get down to it, I can hopefully meet my goal - or at least come very close!
2) Learn to sew: I am getting closer and closer. I actually have some really neat fabric. And I bought this book to give me some ideas. When I find fabric I like, I usually buy one yard so I can make something somewhat substantial. And I think I am going take that class at JoAnn's on July 11 (I think that's right). And then I will do the class on how to make a pillowcase dress either later in the month or sometime in August. I also have some cute fabric that I am going to make some beanbags for Katie with. You can do so many things with beanbags!
3) Cook more frequently: I am doing a little bit better! It really all boils down to my weekly menu plan. I actually cooked tonight! And I remembered to take a picture! Also, my neighbor and I have decided to do a meal-share deal...we are starting for each cooking once a week and making sure it is enough to share with the other household. I can't wait to do a separate post about our plans for that. And maybe feature some recipes that I try!

4) Read the Bible everyday and read it the whole way through: I am still playing catch up. I am not sure I will finish it by the end of the year, but as long as I finish it in early 2012, I will consider that a victory.

5) Use the treadmill/work out 4 times a week: I am doing better! I try to do the treadmill or run at the park when Katie is at mother's day out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And then we walk through the neighborhood after dinner. We actually just got back from a walk! And our neighborhood is SO hilly - definitely a good workout!

6) Use coupons when I shop: I have decided July is my month to really get back into couponing. I remember when I did the coupon shopping diligently, I spent less time shopping for me and Katie. And that definitely needs to happen :)

7) De-clutter & simplify: Doing better. I have organized some things. And I have made a big pile of things to donate to Goodwill. And I have gone through all of my clothes and purged everything out that I don't need/want anymore. And MAN it feels nice!

8) Find a Sunday school class at church: Why, oh why, have we not done this yet?! Ugh. Still need to. And want to. And know what class we will visit first. We just need to get our hineys out of bed a little earlier on Sunday.

9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: Brad gave me beautiful flowers for our anniversary (see previous post). I cleaned them up and re-vased them this morning...these yellow flowers are so happy in this green vase!

10) Have a date night with Brad at least once a month: Again, thanks to our anniversary, we had a date day, date night, and another date day. And it was definitely a welcome break to have some couple time!
11) Send 2 hand-written cards/notes each month: I had a few more thank you notes to write, so again, that will count this month! And I sent some baby goodies to some friends. So I definitely achieved that this year!

12) Have another baby: Nope. No news.

13) Use more eco-friendly cleaners: I'm still working on using up all the cleaners I have. We are definitely making progress! On a somewhat related note, I am also trying to buy healthier, locally grown produce, meats, milk, etc. I have decided that I love the farmer's market...and Whole Foods too!

14) Have structured learning time each day: I have marked some pages in books of fun things to do. And we have gone swimming. And we've gone to the zoo. And there are few other places I hope to take her soon (children's museum type places)!

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