Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Playing with Pals

Last night, Katie and I headed out for a birthday party for one of her best buds at school (they were in the same class of mother's day out last year - the only 3 girls in the class!). I think it is so neat that Katie has 2 girlfriends she talks about all the time. I know I have a friend that I've known since we were about 18 months old - how neat would it be for Katie to have those kind of friends too! Anyways, it was at a local indoor playplace for kids that has a giant ship with slides coming off of it, the different themed rooms (kitchen, dress up, grocery, etc), a ball pit, a doll house, lego table, block table, etc. We had been once before - Katie loved it even more this time! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that her pals were there. I wanted to get a picture of the three crazy girls - WHEW! It is hard work to try for a picture of 3 2-year olds! But I got one with all of them looking. They look like a deer in headlights, but they are looking at the camera - I'll take it! And here is the gem of a photo. I do believe it will be put in a frame in Katie's room.

I tried several other times for a cute pic of the three girls with no luck. I thought it would be fun to post some of the "outtakes"...
{chowing down on cupcakes - they loved it!}

{A was sad because she wanted H's balloons. Katie was concerned because she was sad!}

{I think this pic may sum up these ladies - happy and busy!}

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