Thursday, June 9, 2011

Resolution Recap: May

I am running a bit behind on the resolution recap for the month of May, but here we go. I know I have been falling behind in some of them, so hopefully this will make me aware of what I need to do! So here we go!
1) Read 14 books: Slow progress! I have finished 4 and am almost finished with a 5th. I have been reading "heavier" books, so I look forward to some light-hearted reading!
2) Learn to sew: Nope! I need to look at the JoAnn's schedule and find a class to attend.
3) Cook more frequently: I was doing good throughout the month of May - and the we went out of town last week. I'm hoping to get back into that starting next week!
4) Read the Bible everyday and all the way through: Hm. I stink. I am WAY behind. Like, it's embarrassing. I need to get back on this and try to catch up. As of now, if I get back to reading with my daily plan, and reading just one day's worth each day, I am scheduled to finish February 23, 2012. So I think that means I am 54 days behind. Eeek!!
5) Use the treadmill/work out 4 times/week: Again, I have slacked. We did do a 5K last month and I ran a lot more than I thought I'd be able to. I want to sign up for at least one more 5K this summer and try to beat my time (I think I finished in 43 minutes in this last one).
6) Use coupons when I shop: I've started running out of a lot of the items I had stockpiled, so I definitely need to do this!
7) De-clutter & simplify: I have worked on all my clothes - I did a major cleanout and gave my neighbor 2 heaping boxes of clothes! Progress!
8) Find a Sunday school class at church: We are visiting a class THIS WEEKEND! (so now that I actually wrote it out, we have to!)
9) Buy fresh flowers once/month: We had Katie's birthday party at the very end of April, and those flowers lasted quite some time, so that is going to count for the month of May, Elmo and all!
10) Have a date night with Brad at least once/month: Success! I think this is so important for couples, especially when they have kids. We went to a wedding for a guy that Brad works with (which is where the picture is from). We also went out to see a movie (Brad was nice enough to go see Bridesmaids with me!) and then went to dinner. It was so great!

11) Send 2 hand-written notes/month: I had to write all of the thank you notes from Katie's birthday party, so that is just going to have to count for this month! I definitely wrote more than 2!

12) Have another baby: Ugh. Nope. No luck. We have to do fertility treatments and have been trying for over a year. Talk about frustrating. I may do a separate post on this - or I may not. But we are still working on this. For now, I'm loving every second with my precious family.

13) Use more eco-friendly cleaners: Again, I am trying to use everything I already have with phasing in the "green" items!

14) Have "structured learning time" everyday: I have gone through some of my books and marked some ideas. I have just had so much fun hanging out with Katie. For instance, today, after I picked her up from "school," we went to the Humane Society and played with doggies and kitties, went to get ice cream (thanks to a Groupon), and did a little shopping. With this learning time, I want to do some art activities, read specific books everyday (to help her learn the story, pictures, characters, etc), do something with music, and go to new places!

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