Friday, August 31, 2012

Dentist, Shoes, and Exercise

How's that for a post title?? HA!  Anyways, seems like we have had another busy week!  Katie went to the dentist on Tuesday - and got a clean bill of health!  They really are so nice there...and always so speedy (which I most definitely appreciate).  Here are the two kiddos before we headed out.  I think Katie has figured out that if she just cooperates the first time, then she doesn't have to sit for forever!
 And here she is at the dentist.  Doesn't she look so long here?!  She was watching the TV on the ceiling while she got her teeth cleaned.
 And on Wednesday we went to my mom's house to play for a while.  And here are the kiddies before we left.  Katie likes taking the pictures in her dot chair - and it actually works out great.  They both fit in it perfectly!
 And yesterday, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (as a family - pretty fun treat on a Thursday!) and exercised and ran some errands.  Here is little man.  He is 11 weeks old today!  I love this outfit on him.  So cute!  And...he wore shoes for the first time!  That definitely makes him look older I think!  Love this picture!
 And here they are loaded in the stroller before our walk.  Katie looks gigantic in there.  But I'm glad she will sit there for now.  I am looking forward to using a single stroller with the dude while she is at school - that stroller with both of them gets heavy!  I guess that makes it a good workout though :)
I am doing a pretty good job with the exercise.  I have walked 11 out of the last 13 days!  And when I say walk, I mean like crazy hills pushing a stroller that weighs 65 pounds for 30-35 minutes - a good workout for sure!

Brad is off today and Monday, so I am looking forward to some good family time this weekend.  Oh, and college football too :)  I can't wait to get decked out in our UT gear tonight...and our Auburn gear tomorrow night!  I know by October I will be counting down to the end of football season, but for now, I am super excited!  So for now, War Eagle (and Go Vols for Brad)!!


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  1. WAR EAGLE!!! I am so excited. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, love you!!