Friday, August 16, 2013

Another Stitch Fix!

I loved my first "fix" so much, that I scheduled another one!  It came on Wednesday and I was so excited!  The FedEx man knocking on the door was music to my ears.  I immediately opened the box and loved what I saw at first glance!
I waited until Brad came home that evening to get real pictures (as opposed to self portraits in the mirror or trying to get Katie to take a picture).  I also decided taking a shower before trying the cute things on was a good idea since I had walked 4 miles earlier in the day :) So please excuse the wet hair, lack of makeup, dog toys, etc! 
First up, the black cowl neck top.  I loved the style.  And the shirt itself was SO comfy and soft.  But I felt like it was too big.  On the styling notes, it suggested tucking into a pencil skirt (which I wouldn't do), but that told me it wasn't supposed to be this loose.  If had been slightly more fitted, I would have kept it!
Next up was the wrap dress.  I loved the zigzag pattern and I think it fit just right.  But I don't really care for wrap dresses.  I feel like the top gets stretched out over time and then my bra would show, which is not okay.  If it had been a regular dress with a sash that tied in the back or something like that, I would have kept it!
And the maxi dress.  It was the perfect length, which is hard to achieve considering I am short :)  But it clearly was too big.  And I felt like even putting a thick brown belt with it to accentuate my waist would have looked funny - I could just see all the fabric bunching and not being cute.  So I sent it back.
Now for the items I kept!  First was the polka dot sleeveless sheer top.  I love it!  First, it is a dot pattern.  And I like the collar on it.  And the peachy color is perfect for summer!  I think it'd be cute with a cute sweater or cardigan too.  Love!
And this dress.  If it were any smaller it would not fit.  But, it did!   I don't have anything that is this style/cut, so it will take some getting used to.  And in this picture it looks just right, but it is a little shorter than I am used to!  But I think pairing with jeggings and cowboy boots will be oh so darling.
Here is a closeup of the pattern.  Isn't it fun?  And it will be perfect to wear for Football Saturdays - War Eagle!!
And I went ahead and tried it on with jeggings.  I like it!
I absolutely love getting these fun boxes delivered to my doorstep.  And I just put the things I decided not to keep into the provided mailer and dropped it off at the post office and I'm done!  So fun.  Have you tried Stitch Fix?  I'd love to see what you got, what you thought about the process, etc!  And if you want to try it, click {HERE} to sign up, fill out your account info/preferences, and schedule your fix!

PS: Next time I will aim to get pictures maybe outside or something - not with dog toys all over the background :)  Thanks for stopping by!  And Happy Friday!


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