Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working On the Bucket List: Go to McKay's

In an effort to mark off a few more items from our summer bucket list, I thought it would be fun to go to McKay's Used Bookstore.  Not to mention the fact that my "McKay's Bag" was overflowing from cleaning out.  So this morning I told Katie what we would be doing and she was SO excited.  At first I thought I would give her $4 to spend on books she found, but then I decided she really needed the full experience.  I told her how McKay's "works" - you take items you don't read/want anymore and they buy them and give you store credit ("special money that only works at that store") to use on new books to buy and take home.  She was SO excited!  She picked out about 8 books that she didn't want (an honestly, she had never touched any of them, so clearly she understood!) and we headed out!

She used her special bag from the end of school last year to carry her books inside.

I told her to load her books into one of the white baskets.  When I turned around, she was sitting on the floor reading them.  She did end up having second thoughts on one of the books :) So we brought it back home with us.
After we gave them our white baskets, we went to search for new books!
When we saw our numbers on the screen, we went to see how much money she had to spend on new books!  She was so excited.  And she ended up having $3.22 to spend. 
We took some time going through the books she had picked out and narrowing it down to stay within her budget/store credit.  She did a great job and did not complain about not being able to get some of the "more expensive" books!

And then it was time for her favorite part - she got to go up and pay all by herself!  She put her books up on the counter and then handed her credit to the cashier to be scanned.
And she still has 17 cents for next time!  

And I stayed within my budget too :) I usually go intending not to buy a single thing (because I have cleaned out and am trying to get stuff out of the house that we don't need/use), but I always end up finding neat kids' books or movies or something.  Today I got 3 Tae Bo DVDs, some kids books, and a few pleasure reading books for me!  And I had $89 store credit and have $21 for next time!  Oh, and I found two big rocks for the kids to paint (another bucket list line item) in the grass near where I parked!  I call that a successful mission!


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  1. What a great learning experience for her and so fun too!