Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend Recap

one: snuggle time with my girl in the morning as i realize that she will be one of the "big kids" starting kindergarten a year from now // two: an attempt at swim lessons in the afternoon - she was literally there for 5 minutes and they blew the whistle because of thunder // three: we had a girls' night at the fair with our neighbors and katie did the big wavy slide all by herself // four: the girls on a ride - they had the best time

one: a selfie before going to tae bo // two: katie had a swim lesson and there was literally no one at the pool other than the lifeguards when we first got there // three: jack and me after he got up from his nap // four: leaving dinner with brad's mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin - delicious!

one: headed into church // two: after church and stopping at home depot for some hedge trimmers // three: katie was playing with her "phone" and checking to see how many calories she has - it is always sixty five // four: the dude hanging out in the wagon while i worked on cleaning up the mess i made while trimming the hedges - katie and brad were on a daddy date


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