Friday, August 30, 2013

While Daddy's Away...

The week before we headed to Arizona, Brad was out of town for a few days.  That meant lots of fun and entertainment was necessary for the kids - and myself!  We always miss him when he has to travel!

That Monday morning, Katie had her gymnastics class.  Afterwards, she went home with her friend from school (who is also in her gymnastics class) to play.  Her mom texted me this picture of the girls playing dress up - I can't help but giggle everytime I look at it!  These girls will have been in the same class all throughout Mother's Day Out and preschool...and they will go to the same elementary school...and we go to the same church!  I love that Katie will have a friend she will have known for so long!
The Tuesday of that week, we headed to The Factory to look around, shop, and eat with Cee Cee and Will!  We got there a few minutes early, so I attempted some pictures of the kids.  Ha. 

Uncle Will let Katie help drive his wheelchair!  Now THAT is scary! :) My mom made sure it was in the lowest speed possible, but we definitely kept reminding her to keep moving so she didn't run over her own toes.  That really hurts!
We let Jack out of the stroller before lunch so he could romp around.  He was all over the place!  And out in the main area there were some tables of sweet older ladies playing cards.  They thought Jack was just the cutest thing ever!
Katie has been SUCH a sweet big sister lately.  And seeing Jack light up when she is around makes me the happiest momma around.
Katie thought the big rocking chair was pretty fun!
And they both survived sitting in it together!
On Wednesday of that week, we went out on our morning walk as usual.  Katie usually likes to stay in her jammies for the walk :)
And we went to lunch with Tanja!  It was so nice outside that we opted to sit out on the patio!
After Jack's nap, we went over to Katie's friend Annalane's house to visit and play for a little while.  These girls had such a fun time together!
And the little brothers got to play too - Cal is about 6 months older than Jack.  Naturally, Jack was eyeballing Cal's snack since he had already finished his!
After we left there, we came home and ate pizza with the neighbors and let Stella, Katie, Hank, and Jack all play out in their backyard!  The weather could not have been more fantastic - in fact, it started to get a little chilly (who knew, it could get chilly in August!) as the sun started to go down!  Brad got home not too long after the kids went down to bed.  We survived another business trip - and had a fun time too!



  1. So precious! I only have one, but i can say, every business trip we survive without Daddy is a big one!!

  2. Sounds like you all did a great job at keeping entertained!