Thursday, August 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up!

I was looking through some pictures from July and realized that there are lots that I hadn't posted!  So this post is dedicated to playing catch up - including a mom's night out, date night, random pictures of the two crazies, and who knows what else!  Here we go!

I always look forward to going out with these ladies!  We all live on the same street - and actually, if it weren't for one house in the way, we would all be in a row!
 And within the last month (haha), Brad and I went on a date night!  We went to dinner, both bought new tennis shoes, and went to see The Heat!
 We actually got to school early for Katie and I let the kids walk around - love that Katie is such a sweet sister!  Can't wait to watch them interact over the years.
And a couple weeks ago, we spent some time out front!  The weather was mild (for what was then July), and we took full advantage!  I love this picture of Sadie :)
 Katie was loving using all her chalk!
 Love this sweet girl!
 And Jack hung out in the wagon for the first time!  He thought it was pretty fun.
 Katie drew an amazing rainbow - the colors were in proper order (think ROYGBIV) and she even drew clouds!
 I love that his sister can make him smile so easily!
 And then Katie wanted to play hopscotch!
 If this isn't an action shot, I don't know what is :)  Makes me laugh everytime I look at it!
 And here's another one :)
Speaking of mild weather, we are having it again - last night the low was 56!!  That is unheard of in August!  I don't even think we hit 80 is fantastic!  Makes it feel like football weather :) We are off to enjoy it - happy Thursday!


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