Monday, December 30, 2013

And Now The Details of BC3...

Well, in case you missed my post a few days ago, yes I am pregnant!  It still feels so weird to say that.  Remember how I mentioned previously that I had to do fertility treatments to get pregnant with both Katie and Jack?  Well I thought there was no way (since my body typically prefers not to do the things it is supposed to do) that I could get pregnant on my own.  Imagine my surprise when I took this pregnancy test and saw that very solid vertical line!
Let me back up a little.  Without divulging way more information than you probably want or need to know, I will give the background :)  I had some spotting and then a few days later felt just ick after we ate dinner.  Brad joked and asked if I was pregnant and we both were like "there is no way!"  But the next morning, October 28, I had a test in the drawer and decided to just take it to be able to rule that situation out.  I peed on the stick, waited a few minutes, and looked at it.  Well I was really just looking at the window with the lines without noticing what means positive and what means negative.  When I finally compared, I was so confused.  I thought if the horizontal line was there, it meant positive (since the vertical line was so dark, I thought that was the control line).  So I ran downstairs to show Brad before he left to go to work with the instructions in tow.  We read the instructions and kept looking back and forth between the pictures in the diagram and the test itself.  And that is when it hit me.  "I think I am pregnant."  Holy cow.  There was definitely no denying that there was a plus sign on this test.
So while Katie was at gymnastics that morning, I went to Target and took a digital test in the bathroom there.  And it said pregnant as well.  AH! How in the world does this happen?!  Yes.  The old-fashioned way.  But holy crap!  Anyways, so I called my doctor's office and did a blood test to confirm (and also checked my progesterone level because with both kids it had been low and I needed to take a supplement).  Good thing I did - my levels were way low, so I started the supplement right away.
And the first time they tested my hcg level, it was in the 12,000 arena, and 48 hours later it was 19,000 or more.  Whew.  So I went in that Friday, the day after Halloween, for an ultrasound.  Now, keep in mind - going my the first day of my last period was not a good way to determine due date since I am so irregular.  So we are going solely based on ultrasound!  That Friday, I measured 5w5d and saw the heartbeat!  

So they had me come in a week later and I was measuring 7w1d and saw the heartbeat again!  So that gave me an expected due date of June 26, 2014, which is what the doctor went with.  And this is a picture of the little bean.  Absolutely a little miracle. 
And it was so funny - within a few days of finding out I was pregnant, I was so amazingly tired.  So lately, when the kids had preschool, I rested.  And when Jack napped at home, Katie and I get in my bed and watch shows (which means I nap).  I can tell that my energy level is slowly getting better, thankfully!  And I didn't get sick - except for having the stomach virus at 7 weeks.  It was awful.  Whew!  But I survived.  And as for food?  Sweets have sounded good.  And more snacking than regular meals.  Specifically the mint/chocolate combo - Andes mints, Mint Milano cookies...delish.  Oh, and this is awful - double cheeseburgers with fries from McDonalds.  HA!  After the first of the year, I am going to start using my app more frequently and just have it set to gain .5 lbs per week or something like that.  Maybe I won't stuff my face as much then :)

Here I am at 8 weeks.  The first "belly shot" - I should have taken a picture the day I found out - oops.  Oh well!
And here is my 12 week picture!  Just a teeny, tiny little bump.  I hate the awkward phase of just looking like you've packed on a few pounds of holiday weight or something :)
Today I am 14w4d - I definitely feel like I have more of a belly.  I guess we will tell in my 16 week picture!

So, are we excited? Yes!  Did it take some getting used to the idea?  Absolutely!  It is so weird to be a "normal patient" at the doctor's office.  And it turns out the week that I likely got pregnant is the week I hit my goal weight (6 weeks before my 30th birthday!), of course.  And I had just gotten to a mental state that we were finished - I didn't want to do fertility treatments again and I knew it was unlikely that I would get pregnant naturally.  And boom.  It happened.  Now, we had always said we wanted to have 3 kids, but 2 would have been fine!  But we are excited and cannot wait to meet BC3!  

And Katie loves to tell everyone that there is a baby in my tummy :) She thinks it is (and wants it to be) a girl and for her name to be Sofia! HA!  We waited and told her when we were helping her put her Christmas tree up - and she was really excited.  She will be such a good helper now that she is a little bit older!

And obviously Jack is clueless.  He will turn 2 and as long as my due date stays the same, 4 days later we will have another baby (I will have a c-section a week before the due date)!  Whew!  Things will be oh so busy around here but we are excited!

As for maternity clothes, I wore them for the first time on Thanksgiving (maternity leggings) and have been wearing tops off and on.  I bought new maternity jeans and some new shirts - since I lost weight, even all of my maternity clothes are too big!  So I need to go through them and pull out what fits and what can be sold.  But I am very solidly in maternity pants and almost 100% in maternity tops.

I go to the doctor Thursday (which also happens to be my "switch over day") and then at the next appointment, we should be able to find out the gender!  I am thinking girl, but I guess we shall see!

So that about sums up things for now!  Pretty exciting, no? :)



  1. I am SO excited for you! And, I must say, you are such an excellent writer. So fun to read. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. That's so exciting! Look at that sweet miracle baby!