Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Surprise Party Fun

How on earth have I not published this post yet!  I am fairly certain it has been sitting as a draft since the day after the party - OOPS!  Anyway, we had the best time celebrating my friend Ashley turning 30!  Her husband planned a surprise party - and it was so fun!  She was definitely surprised - we were all waiting at the restaurant in a private room when they got they are walking in...
And she was just taking it all in for a minute!  I love Andrew looking at her and she is happy as can be!
And I love this picture - Ashley, me, and Katherine!  The food was amazing - I hadn't been to the restaurant in forever!  They have THE best she crab soup...YUM!
And blowing out the candles on her amazing cake!
It was such a fun night to celebrate her turning the big 3-0!  Glad she got to do it before I did :)


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