Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Decor 2013

I finally took some pictures of our Christmas decorations this year!  We had the tree in a new spot (which we really like - and we were able to keep Jack away from it...mostly).  We were also more sparing with our ornaments this year - usually our tree is covered!  But I wasn't sure what Jack would do and I didn't want any broken ones - so we put up maybe a fourth of the normal amount!  And here are the kids when we were putting the ornaments on - Katie is putting one on and Jack is taking one off! :)
 And I waited until Christmas Eve to put all the wrapped presents under the tree - I knew that was just too much for Jack to stand.  And whew - definitely glad I waited!  
 And this is the table in the foyer as you come into the house!  Love my little tree collection and that plate - all the colors are so fun!
 And the dining room table - I decided to put the nativity set I have out on the table this year and I love how it turned out!  It also kept little hands away from it (they have their own to play with)!
 And I love those burlap trees I found this year (and of course Elf on the TV)!  I really meant to get some garland or clippings or something for the mantle but never got to it!  And we couldn't hang our stockings there because of the dude...
 ...instead, they were hung on the bookcase :)  It definitely looks cluttered and crowded, but we had to have them out and I didn't want Jack to pull the holders down on himself!
 Here is the table under our TV in the kitchen!  The one book left from the stack from Alvin, both kids' angels from footprints and handprints, the current Santa picture - love all of it!
 And this year, rather than have all the cards we get in a pile, I hung them from our kitchen cabinets!  It is so fun to see all of our friends and families when we are in there eating or fixing food or hanging out!
 Here is a close up of the corner cabinets.  I will definitely keep doing this in the future!  And we have more cards that I didn't have a chance to put up - may have to expand the cards and include other cabinets next year!
 My hand towels on the oven!
 And we used these napkin rings on Christmas Eve for dinner!  Aren't they amazing?!  We will be using them for years to come for sure!  (and a big thanks to Nick's mom for making me some!)
And here is Katie with her tree in her room - she is going to be one sad lady when it is time to put that up!  She loves Christmas and her tree so much!
Good grief I am way behind with blogging - I may be doing multiple posts a day trying to catch up - I want to get caught up by New Years!  I need to do - Christmas Celebrations, Details of Baby 3, fun things we did to celebrate Christmas, Jack's 18 month post, Alvin's Adventures, a random catch all, and maybe even a 2013 recap!  AH!  So check back often :)  Hope you had a fabulous Christmas...we certainly did!  And my crazies are playing nicely - together - with all of their new goods!  Makes this momma happy!


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  1. Everything looks so pretty! We hung our cards on our cabinets, too!