Thursday, December 12, 2013

Auburn vs Tennessee

While I am playing catch up, I thought I would do a post on the big family rivalry of the season (from early November)!  We had plans to go to the Auburn vs UT game, but Brad didn't get back in town from a work trip (to Vegas, mind you) until after 10 the Friday night before, and it was a morning game.  So we would have had to leave REALLY early.  So we opted to stay in town and watch the game with friends and the kiddos!  Here they are before we headed to Dallas and K's house!
We decided the girls would wear Auburn and boys would wear Tennessee - but Katie was none too thrilled.  She was absolutely hilarious during the game....clearly rooting for UT!  Everytime Auburn scored and everybody cheered, she pouted and looked like she might burst into tears!  Once she figured out everyone was so entertained by her reaction, she upped the drama a bit.  Regardless, it was hilarious!  Here we are as a family! 
Clearly I was thrilled because Auburn won.  Brad didn't really expect UT to win, so that helped a little.  And watching the game with other people and kids around helps too :)  He is always on much better behavior when he is around others!

And speaking of Auburn winning, the last month of the football season has been NUTS!  A last minute win over Georgia, the win in the last SECOND in the Iron Bowl, winning the SEC Championship, and then heading to the National Championship!  Absolutely AMAZING!!  It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!!!


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