Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Some Recent Katie Funnies

I have a list of funny things that Katie says saved on my phone.  I think it is time that I copy them over here so that we can have real proof of them (and have them included once this year's posts are made into a book)!  So without further ado, here are some entertaining things Katie has come up with recently!

  • "How are we going to get around all of these freaking cars?!" -- said when leaving church.  Road rage much? :) Wonder where she got that! (ahem, DADDY!)
  • K: "Are you going to be pretty or not pretty tomorrow?", Me: "I'm always pretty, right?", K: "You're not pretty not!" (I was wearing workout clothes), Me: *sad face*, K: "You have to wear a dress to be pretty.  Will you wear a dress tomorrow?  Pleeeeease?", Me: "Sure." (and we all laughed very hard!)
  • Katie called a trampoline a "jumpoline"
  • Brad had left to go out of town and Katie said, "Oh no! Who are you going to count calories with??"
  • K: "I think I will know how to play baseball because I watch it with Daddy every night.  Maybe I can teach my teachers!" -- talking about playing baseball at school on 6/13/13
  • K: "How do you get to heaven without an airplane?  Heaven is far away in the sky.  How does Jesus fly at night?  He does fly during the day but how does he fly at night?" -- when I was telling her about my brother's dog passing away
  • K: "Daddy, Mommy said maybe we can be The Incredibles for Halloween!", Daddy: "Yes, she and I talked about that!  Do you think I look like Mr. Incredible?", K: "Daddy, you are super, but you don't look like Mr. Incredible!"
  • K: "I just had two bless yous!!" -- talking about sneezes
  • K: "Don't forget to take your teeth out!" -- talking about my retainer
  • One day Katie was talking about the windshield wipers and referred to them as "shrimper wipers"
  • K: "We call him the Jack of Poop because he poops!" -- talking about Jack and his nicknames
  • K: "Is thermos Spanish for cup?"  -- while I was telling her what a thermos is
  • K: "When you are a dad, you will get to hold it!" -- talking to Jack about the remote control
  • Daddy: "Katie, you did a number on your pizza!  ....silence.... What number do you think it was?, K: *quickly answered* "6!!"
  • Brad and Katie were snuggling and Katie decided she didn't want his arm around her.... "I don't want your arm around me - but I still love you!"


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