Monday, December 9, 2013

The Best Doggy Ever Turns Seven!

How can sweet Sadie already be seven!?  Seems like we were just going to pick her out and then bring her home!  This was her cute puppy face the day we met her - and she actually picked us!  She was the only pup that came right to us and wanted in our laps and wouldn't leave us!
The day before Thanksgiving, she turned 7!  Here she was snuggling with me in the morning...
Later that evening, after we had finished dinner, we had a little birthday celebration!  Katie was a little bit disappointed because she thought all of our friends were coming since it was a birthday party.  But when we reminded her we had cupcakes (I had to specially ask the bakery folks to put a box of all vanilla cupcakes together) to celebrate, she was a-okay :)  Here's the birthday dog!
And she got lots of love (which really isn't out of the ordinary)!
Once we gave her the green light, she was all over the cupcake....and of course she cleaned up her mess!
Sadie is the most patient, loving, loyal dog there ever was and we are so glad she is part of our family!  I think the kids like her better than us sometimes :)  She definitely is the best doggy ever!


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