Friday, April 11, 2014

Blooms + Trains

We have a local botanical garden that is amazing - and they are known for their tulips in the spring!  It seems like time gets away from me each year and we don't make it, but this year I was determined to see them at the peak bloom time!  We actually have a membership there and hadn't used it (even though we've had it since October), so I thought today was the perfect time!  The weather couldn't have been better, and the tulips were in peak bloom - yay!  So we had a relaxing morning and then made our way there!  We had to park pretty far away because I think a lot of other people had the same idea :)
Here Katie is with the first of the tulips.  They have over 100,000 of them - it is beautiful!
 I love all those purple and white ones together!
 And then we came across some yellow ones with some other purple flowers!  I love how the picture changes depending on what the focus is on.  In this picture, I focused on the purple flowers...
 And in this picture, the focus was the yellow tulips!
 Katie wanted her picture with the pink ones too :) 
 And then I let the wild man loose to run around in the grassy area with Sissy! 
 I loved how bright these orange tulips were.  Katie wanted a picture with them because she wanted to show Brad since she thinks that is his favorite color since he likes University of Tennessee :)
 And an attempt.  Ha!  Jack would have none of the pictures.  At least he isn't a blur in this one!
 And then someone offered to get a picture of me with the kids.  I hesitated at first, but decided to go for it since it isn't every day that we can have such a beautiful backdrop.  And whew - the belly is in full force today!  I guess that's what happens at 29 weeks!
 Just look at the colors - ah!  Love it!
 Katie had such a fun time running and exploring! She didn't even complain too much about the pictures!
 I love the orange detail on the yellow tulip!
 And, again, I tried!  Jack wasn't thrilled - but at least he is smiling!  Even if he is looking somewhere else!
 Sweet girl.  After looking at the flowers we walked down to the ponds to look around.  Jack stayed in the stroller - I think he would've tried to splash around in the ponds which likely would have resulted in falling in :)
 And then it was time for Jack's favorite part!  They have a train area with Thomas and Percy going around the tracks!  He was in awe and most definitely did not want to leave when it was time.
 Katie loved it too - they could've stayed at this little window to watch the trains for hours I think!
 I love his sweet hand holding on to the frame while he was leaning around and pointing at the choo choo.  Sweet boy!
 And this was about as good of a picture as I could get - he was on the move and certainly didn't have time for a picture!
 And his "CHOOOO CHOOOO" face - love those puckered lips!
 Katie actually asked for a picture after she climbed this rock by the tree :) I, of course, didn't hesitate!
 I love the lines of this one.  I think it'd be even better if I had taken a straight picture :)
 After we left there, we stopped at Cee Cee's house to eat a quick lunch that I had packed!  The kids ate and had fun visiting for a just a few minutes - and then it was time to head home!  My mom got Jack to look and sort of smile - I was bound and determined to get a picture of this guy!  I can't get over his eyes in this one!  So clear and just stunning!
 And look at that sweet smile.  I can't believe he is growing up so quickly!  We had him stand on our scale the other night and he was 28.4 pounds!
 And a real "Jack look" - so happy and silly!
On the way home, we stopped so I could get a Cherry Limeade at Sonic during their happy hour.  Yum!  Definitely a fun day with my two favorites!  And thank goodness for nap/quiet time so I can prop my feet up.  Happy Friday!



  1. Oh goodness, what a beautiful place to visit. Looks like everyone had a blast :)