Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bump Watch: 28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks!  Hello, third trimester!!
Size of baby: The size of small cabbage - about 17 inches and 2.9 pounds!
Total weight gained: It is definitely time to start exercising more!  As in exercising in general :)  I guess keeping up with my kids doesn't burn as many calories I had thought!  I am up about 30 lbs.  Yuck.
Maternity clothes: Absolutely.  I did try to wear some non-maternity workout pants a couple weeks ago and that was not a good idea.  A day or two ago I attempted my maternity skinny jeans and that really didn't work either.  Yikes. 
Gender: Boy!
Movement: All.the.time.  Last weekend it felt like he was using my hipbone as monkey bars.  Not fun.  And when he moves, my whole belly shakes and moves! 
What I Miss: Being able to go up the stairs and not get out of breath.  Heck!  Being able to walk and talk on the phone and not get out of breath.
Cravings: Nothing really special!  Peanut butter crackers have been delicious.  And chocolate.  Really, any kind of sweets.
Aversions: Nothing really.  Other than cooking.  I need to use my crockpot more - by the end of the day I am wiped out and don't feel like cooking!
Symptoms: My back has been hurting more.  And my previous C-section scars have been sore.  And my bellybutton feels bruised.  Hormonal headaches are not fun.  And hunger.  Good gracious!  In the mornings I will eat breakfast and then within the hour I feel like I need another meal!  I say all that, but I do feel good!  I can definitely tell that my back is getting more stiff.  And I feel enormous!  I also think that pregnancy is messing with my hair texture this go around - it seems so frizzy and yuck!  I thought it was the super cold winter, but it is still doing it.  Hopefully that goes away once BC3 is born!
Best moment of the week: Katie has finally felt the baby move!  She thought it was really neat, of course.  And I try to tell Jack that there is a baby in my tummy and he lifts my shirt up and says, "baby!" - and then he points to his belly and says, "baby!"...still have some work to do there :)  And hearing Katie say BC3's name in her prayers makes me excited.  I promise a name reveal is coming!  Oh - and seeing the nursery start to come to life and seeing how much Katie is loving her new space has been exciting too!  I've also signed us up for a big sis class at the hospital where BC3 will be born - it is different than with the other two kiddos, so I figure doing that class will let us see what we need to and let Katie get a feel for the new place too!
And I know I have done a post with this picture in it, but it definitely needs to be posted again.  I absolutely love it!  So glad I have this to document this part of my pregnancy!  And for the record, I was 26w5d in this picture!  Don't forget to check out Amanda McNeal Photography!  You may actually find this image there :)
 And just for comparison's sake, here I am at 28 weeks with each of the 3!  I feel like a whale already, but when I look at these pictures, it kind of puts it into perspective.  Some days I feel like I carry him higher and then other days it seems like he drops.  I know he is obviously super active, so there is no telling what kind of positions he gets himself into in there!  Can I also just say how glad I am that I don't have braces??  I had them when I was pregnant with Katie and that just wasn't fun!



  1. Looking good! I LOVE that professional picture!!

  2. You are in the home stretch! How exciting! You look great!