Saturday, April 5, 2014

Just For Kicks: Katie's First Soccer Practice

Another catch up post, so here we go!  This one is back from February 22 - wow!  Katie's first soccer practice!  I played soccer growing up, so this was so fun for me!  Of course it made me want to get out there and kick the ball since I played for so many years.  Katie was super excited for her first practice too!  And she did great all things considered - it was the first time to practice!  We had kicked around in the backyard, but this was the first time with a team and a coach and all that.
Thank goodness the weather was mild and just perfect!  She was ready for sure!
Just look at that sweet girl!  I love this picture :)  She posed like this all on her own!
And then she wanted to hold the soccer ball!
And I did ask her to stand like this :)
After the photo shoot, we were off to practice!  Brad stayed home with Jack because practice was right in the middle of his nap.  So I took some pictures of practice too!  An action shot of kicking the ball around!
And her coach had all the girls introduce themselves and say how old they were and all that.  Here is Katie up in front of some of her teammates!
And Katie learned the team's cheer!  So neat.  Here they are in the huddle at the end of practice!
I think this picture is hilarious.  Definitely an action shot - and she looks absolutely worn out!
And she happens to be on the same team with two of her buddies!  Cute girls - they've known each other since they were about 15 months old!
I will say that the girls on her team are learning and growing each week!  They have one practice during the week and then a game on the weekend (today they actually had an early game with pictures before the game - meaning way too early - and it was freezing!)...and it is so fun to watch them!


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