Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Lone "Snow Day"

Back in the beginning of March, we had our first "snow day" - but in reality, it was more of an ice day!  As you can see in these pictures, it definitely doesn't look like much!  But there was a layer of ice covered with a little snow.   Brad's office was closed and Katie's gymnastics class was we all had a "snow day" at home together! 
Katie was so excited to get outside and play!  I shoved her into a 5T snowsuit :)  I think the jacket was a bit short and tight, but it did the job!
And Brad was excited to get out and play with Katie too.  Me?  I was in my jammies still and just took some pictures.  I didn't want to risk slipping on the ice with my belly and all!
So cute! And she was completely over the pics at this point.
Since it was more ice, they did some sidewalk sledding!  Brad definitely got a workout pulling the sled around!  And Sadie was so excited to get out there and play too!
Love this action shot! Katie loved it when Daddy was on the sled with her - and Sadie had a big time keeping up with them.  I love that her ears are flopping around in this picture!
Jack watched from our new, snuggly double jogger - I think he likes it!  Sweet boy.
Another action shot - and my favorite part is Sadie is midair! 
And then Jack decided he wanted to get out there!  So I got his boots, a hat, mittens, and a jacket :)
That was definitely a workout - pulling the kids up the hill and then helping pull them down the hill!
Jack was loving it - and not very happy with us when it was time to go inside!
And we saw Stella outside too!  Such cute girls :) And good grief - Katie looks like a giant!
And I love this picture!  Cute boys!  Clearly Jack loves to be outside!
And I had told Katie she could have some hot chocolate when we got back inside - so that's what what we did!  She was so excited to put her own mini marshmallows in her cup!
And I got a little artsy with my picture taking :) The birds were thankful for the little bit of birdseed left in our birdfeeder - and that cardinal was just so cute!  See that ice? Glad we got to stay home that day!
And after some lunch, Katie wanted to curl up in her sleeping bag in front of the fire and watch a show.  Looks pretty perfect to me!
I sure was hoping for at least one good snow this winter, but by now, I am glad that it is warming up!  That "snow day" that was really ice allowed for a little bit of sled time, so I guess that will just have to work.  Now?  Bring on sunshine and warm temperatures!


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  1. Shew, I wish I could have sent you some of our snow. We had MORE than enough. Looks like Katie didn't mind the ice a bit!