Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finishing Out February

I keep thinking I am close to being caught up and then we do more stuff! AH!  So I thought it may be easiest to do a big post of several more pictures from February!
LOVE this outfit on Katie - of course it is Matilda Jane. I am slightly obsessed :)  That butterfly top is just too much - so sweet!
And a picture of Ashley, Katherine, and myself at K's 30th birthday shindig!  Such a fun time - and always nice to get out child-free!
K's little lady was there - she was so excited to be with everyone!  She did ask me at least 15 times where Jack and Katie were though!  Love this of K blowing her candles out!
And a group shot - this was before we headed home and some of the others went "honkey tonkin'" downtown!
And a picture from church the next morning!  Yes - I wore the same outfit :) You do whatcha gotta do ... especially when you're pregnant and have limited options!
A picture of the crazies before heading inside to play with toys and eat lunch!
And here is Katie before school one morning.  Looking at this, I think it was a bit much with all the stripes - mainly the shirt under her tank.  Oops.  Oh well!  It seemed to work that morning...and she liked it!
And this dude had to wear pink to school since it was the color they had been studying all month.  Doesn't he look ultra preppy?!
He has developed an obsession with choo choos...and he LOVES his Thomas hat! Wearing the hat makes him look incredibly too grown up though!
And to end out the month, I went out with friends/neighbors/moms/ladies - SO fun!  And it was definitely much needed.  I think they enjoy having had a DD with me being pregnant and all :)  Good grief my belly has changed a lot since then.  I guess that's what happens when it has been 5 weeks or more!
So glad I am slowly but surely catching up!  Keep checking back, folks!


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  1. Love all your photos!
    Your right, he looks so preppy in that pink shirt. So cute!