Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend Recap x 3

I am going to attempt to do a big post of our last three weekends!  I am sure I will forget something, but I will do my best!  So, the first of the weekends (March 21), we started off with Katie having a soccer practice on that Friday evening!
And the weather on the Saturday was awesome, so we went to the park and played and let Katie ride her bike - she rode it over a mile!  I definitely think her legs are stronger from playing soccer!
And we made it to church that Sunday morning!
The kids had a big time playing when we got home!  I love that they play so well together these days (most of the time, of course).
And we had a birthday party to go to that afternoon - here are Katie and her friend Hannah Jo before heading in!  They had such a fun time!
That night, we had friends over to watch some Tennessee basketball!  Here are the big girls together!
The next weekend started off with some time with friends to watch more basketball at Buffalo Wild Wings!  Love these girls!
And we had a lazy morning at home that Saturday!  The kids played with toys in their jammies - love mornings like that!
Jack loves to tackle Katie when she is laying on the floor - so funny!  Love this picture of the two of them!
And then it was birthday party time again!  This time for Katie's sweet friend Annalane!  Here she is before heading to the party!
 An action shot!
 The whole group of kiddos! 
 And Katie with Hannah Jo and Annalane...these girls have been friends since they were about 15 months old!  So sweet.
 And a picture of these two crazies before jumping in the car!
 On Sunday, it was time for yet another birthday party!  It's that time of year!  Here is Katie before heading out!
One of the things I did while she was at the party was get things decorated for Easter (see yesterday's post for the full décor)!
And this is how she came home!  Such a pretty butterfly - and love that it actually matched her outfit! :)
This past weekend, Katie had makeup soccer pictures before her early soccer game Saturday morning.  And it was FREEZING!!!  We had to be there at 8am for the pictures - and then they played at 9.  Whew!  Of course the sun came out after we got in the car to go home!  Here is her cute soccer team!
We didn't really do anything else Saturday - aside from eating dinner at Wendy's :) Oh, and the kids had a great time playing together with cars!
 Sunday, we had an easy morning and actually took a long walk in the neighborhood!  It felt good to get exercise for sure!  We stopped at the playground for some fun before heading home.  The kids thought it was fun to have races on the slide!
 And I do believe I caught Jack's true personality in this one - wild man!!! With a choo choo in hand of course!
 This boy is growing and changing by the day.  He is learning new things all the time and is such a fun, busy guy!
 And Katie amazes me each and every day with what she knows and the questions she asks!
 There are big rocks and things to climb next to the playground - and Brad, Jack, Katie, and Sadie climbed to the top!  I took this of them - so cute!
 And this picture puts it into perspective for sure!
 Once we headed home, it was time to eat lunch and get Katie ready for yet another birthday party - seems to be the story of our life these days, huh!  It was a girly, wear-your-favorite-princess-costume party...and she LOVED IT!  The theme was Frozen, so of course the girls were all obsessed.  Here are Katie and Hannah Jo before this one!
 And when we got there, we saw that Katie and Annalane matched!
 And you can imagine the squeals when Elsa and Anna arrived - it was so cute!
They read a book with all the girls.  I couldn't believe how quiet the girls were!  They were in a trance, I guess!
 And they all made their own tiaras and got hair and makeup done - here is my little princess!
 A selfie! :)
 And a group shot of Elsa and Anna with all the girls!
 And I got one of Katie with them.  She just saw the picture and said, "I could look at that picture for forever!!!" HA! 
Definitely a fun birthday party!  After we hurried home and changed clothes, we went to dinner with Brad's family.  Katie was exhausted and Jack threw pasta all over the floor - other than that, it was a great time! :)
Whew!  I did it!  If you are still reading, kudos to you!  I will do better about weekend recaps from now on - that's hard to remember all of that! 

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  1. That is a lot of parties you all have been attending. Looks like Katie isn't minding at all though :)