Sunday, April 6, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...Easter

Aside from Christmas, I have not done a very good job of getting our decorations out lately!  So I got really excited once I felt like it was time to decorate for Easter and spring!  And it really does make things look happier.  Here are a few items you would see if you came over to my house!
I love this little Spring sign I bought a few years ago.  I do believe I found this at TJ Maxx!
 And I love this hand towel that I added to my collection this year.  It is bright and cheery - and most importantly - says "He is Risen!"...perfect decoration for this time of year.
And the mantle.  I love it.  I love the burlap banner I bought from a local lady.  It actually makes me want to have a banner I can just leave up all the time!  And then the bunnies I found at a cute little store I stumbled upon!  And the carrot décor - I found those last week at Kirklands!  And the big vase of decorative eggs that my mom made years ago!
 Isn't that banner so cute?!  LOVE it!
 A better view of the banner and bunnies and carrots!
 And the other side - the carrots and the vase of eggs!
 And one more - the two designs on the banner.  I love that the décor on the mantle coordinates with the banner - the bunnies and carrots!
And in the downstairs bathroom, I have a cute bunny towel!  And it just happens to match the yummy smelling soap we have out :)  I got that bunny towel at JoAnn's about a month ago!
And then outside, you would be greeted by the Happy Easter garden flag out in the flower bed! 
 And then the egg wreath on the front door!
Now that I have all of these fun touches around the house, it already has be thinking what I can put up next to keep things festive!  I try to keep a cute garden flag and wreath on the door, but the rest of the things around the house are an added bonus!  Maybe something that would work for the transition from spring to summer?  I know I need it to last a while since BC3 will make an appearance in June :)



  1. Love your decor. I've been aiming to get a garden flag forever and still haven't purchased one! I'm adding that to my to do list. That Banner is adorable. It's looking very springy around your place!