Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The BC3 Bedding Reveal

All along during the first half of the pregnancy, we were all beyond convinced that this baby would be a girl.  As in - we would have bet our bank account we were so certain!  I know I have mentioned how surprised we were at the 20 week ultrasound to see learn that BC3 is indeed a boy! 
I was so certain, I even bought girl bedding at Target (of course knowing that it could be returned)!  This was the bedding we had picked out.  I loved the medallions and the purple and lime together!
So shortly after the big ultrasound, I headed to Target to return that bedding (along with a few other girl items I had bought on sale) and we started looking online for some options.  Our goal was to find something that matched the green color on the wall in what was Katie's room and is now the nursery.  And I think we did a pretty good job!  Brad is quite pleased that he only had to paint Katie's bathroom and room and only had to touch up some places in the nursery!  The bedding we ended up choosing is Kidsline Jungle Doodle!  Here is a picture of the whole thing.
 And an up close of the quilt that came with the set - you can see more of the colors and design up close.
 And here is an up close view of the crib sheet!
 And a closer view of the valance for the window.
It is so fun to see this nursery turn into a baby room.  The furniture is in there and the window décor is complete.  I've washed the crib sheet but still need to put it on the mattress.  I have bought a few things for the walls.  Needless to say, it is slowly coming together.  I will do a big reveal of Katie's new space sometime in the next couple of weeks - that has been my main focus since she moved to her new space.  And once the nursery is finished, I will obviously do a post with pictures.  Hard to believe that BC3 will be joining us 11 weeks from tomorrow - yikes!  My 28 week post to come sometime soon too - can't believe I will be in the third trimester tomorrow!!! 


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