Tuesday, July 29, 2014

First Official Walk

Always a milestone after having a c-section...the first big walk!  On July 2, I finally decided it was time to try a short walk around the block (not all over the neighborhood - I was certainly being realistic)!  Here I am with the crew before we headed out after dinner!
 I think he was pretty comfy in the double jogger!  It sure is a good thing - he will be in there quite a bit while I work on getting back into shape!
 And this cutie boy doesn't seem to mind it either :) Of course he brings some kind of train or truck with him to sit in the cup holder!  Love that he was actually smiling!
 And Katie is a walker with Mom and Dad now!  She likes to hold Sadie's leash on the walks :)  Here she is - spaghetti face and all!
 She also likes to hold Brad's hand - or sometimes mine if Brad happens to be pushing the stroller.
 And this is generally my view on walks - love it!
 An action shot as we rounded the curve and headed back to our house!
We have taken quite a few walks since then...and I've even gotten back into the swing of  big walks all over the neighborhood!  Last Friday, I walked just pushing Ryan in the stroller - and then Brad got home a little early from work and wanted to walk to get Katie and Jack from preschool...and we did.  Whew - that was a lot of exercise in one day (we live in a very hilly neighborhood to say the least).  When I got in shape after Jack was born, walking in the neighborhood was the best and easiest way I worked exercise into my day...and I think that is how it'll be again this time!  Jack likes to count trees and look for planes and helicopters on our walks now - oh, and groundhogs and bunnies too. :) And he likes to peer around and look at "the Baby" as well - so cute.  Now let Operation: Get Back In Shape begins!!


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  1. I need to start incorporating walks into our daily routine. I'm thinking this winter for sure we will walk inside our community center. I'm already trying to come up with ways to beat the winter blues!!