Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July: The Month of Grandparent Birthdays

The month of July is full of family birthdays for us!  My mom, Brad's mom, and my dad all have a birthday within the span of 6 days!!  So we started off with my mom's 60th celebration at her house!  It was so fun and relaxed...Chick Fil A and delicious birthday cake :)  I wanted to get a cute picture of her and the kids - and it worked! Hip hip hooray!  Love how it turned out!
And the cake was pretty - but most of all it was absolutely amazing!
An action shot of the blowing out of the candles...and I do believe Katie was helping too!  She was very proud of her job - delivering everyone's plate of cake.
The kids had some serious energy after the sugar - they were running around like crazy ones and discovered a new fun place to hide in the kitchen when we got home!
And a few days later, we got to celebrate Brad's mom's birthday!  We all went to dinner at Chuy's and then came to our house for cake and visiting!  Here is the yummy cake - love all the dots!
And stop the presses!  Brad actually asked for a picture!  He wanted a picture with his momma on her birthday - so sweet!
I love this picture!  I think we had just finished singing and Grandma was making a wish - and Katie was watching her with the sweetest expression.  I just love it.
And another action shot - blowing out the candles!  Another sweet one!
Here's one of Grandma and Katie...
And Grandma and Jack (he was a spitfire that night so we didn't even try for a group shot!)....
And then Grandma and Ryan!
And then when we celebrated Papa's birthday, I aimed for a group shot - and I succeeded!  So sweet!
We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents - so funny that we get to celebrate another year of each of their lives so close together!  Katie loves a birthday party and is disappointed once the birthday week is over :)


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