Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kids On The Block

The Sunday after the 4th, we had a fun day outside with friends!  The kids got to wash a car...and they played with some fun toys and then we blew up one of our water slides (Brad was able to patch up a couple little holes)!  I loved watching all the kids play together - and I know Ryan will be right in the mix next summer!
Here they are watching on as Jill gets the bucket of soapy water ready!
 Katie loved sitting on their swing in the front yard - so fun!
 Ryan slept in his stroller the whole time - such the party animal!
 Reagan having fun on the swing too - just in a different way than Katie :)
 Sydney and Katie - Jill had just fixed their hair - all the girls had "Elsa hair" by the time we were finished playing!
 And Brad got the little inflatable slide and pool up and ready!  I think he enjoyed squirting the kids as he was filling it up - and they were just happy to be able to jump on in!
 Jack was less than thrilled that Katie was trying to "help" him.  I can hear the squeal now!
 He loved stomping around in the water...but I don't think he appreciated the hose water on his head!
 Sadie was smart and just hung out in the shade!  Sweet girl.
 And the "neighborhood pool" was just big enough for all 6 crazy kids!
 The girls!  Such a sweet picture - love it!
 And then they all wanted to show off their "Elsa hair" - cuties (even though Katie almost has a plumber situation going)!
The fun didn't stop there!  Katie got to go watch Frozen with Stella and then Miss Jill painted their fingernails and toenails.  Quite the fun day - especially for a 5 year old! :)  We are so lucky to have such great friends that are also neighbors!


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