Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ryan's Nursery Reveal

 We have had Ryan's room finished for quite some time - but I didn't get around to taking pictures of it before he was born (especially since he came a little early)!  So a couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to get a few pictures.  And I am finally posting them!
Katie moved into what used to be the guest room so that she has her own space (including her own bathroom).  And then her old room turned into Ryan's room - that way the boys can share a bathroom (stinky, messy boys).  We made sure we found bedding that coordinated with the color that it already was - that way painting didn't have to happen in there (aside from some touchups)!
This is what the view is as you walk into the room! 
I love this that we have hanging as you walk in.  It was the first thing I bought for the nursery once we found out we were expecting a baby boy!
And you turn to walk in and see this...
And the view as you continue in!
Love this!  The dresser, hutch, and crib.  And we have that shelf at the end of the crib for the sound machine and camera.
All three kiddos have had their names over their cribs.  I think it has really helped teach spelling their name (at least for Katie and Jack), and I am sure it will for Ryan as well.
And the inside of the crib - bedding and all!  And a few cute buddies!
And the corner with the shelves!
Here is the dresser and hutch with books and stuffed animals and some cute quotes and bookends and ultrasound picture.  And the name banner is from the baby shower Brad's work had for us!
 Next to the dresser is an area for the big kids to hang out if I have to sit in there to feed Ryan.  They can sit there to look at books or play with toys - perfection!  And that is the quilt that came with the bedding!
And then the corner where the glider and bookcase to house books and toys!  I love that little corner! 
The pillows in the glider...love that lion pillow I found at TJ Maxx!  And the prayer pillow was in Jack's nursery in the glider! 
Here's a closer look at the bookcase - I just love it!  I got that picture hanging on the wall for $10 from a local Buy, Sell, Trade page!  And I love the lamp - great for reading books and snuggling to sleep! 
 Here is a view from the reading corner!
And a canvas that goes along with the safari theme - and being perfect for a boy's room....no more monkeys jumping on the bed!
Here is a picture of the sink part of Ryan's room!  I love that elephant rug - I got that and the elephant basket next to the glider from a friend and they work perfectly!  The boys share the same tub and toilet but each have their own sink area.
And here are some of the cute details!  His name, loveys, banner, and door hanger on his closet door!
I love how his room turned out!  He is sleeping in our room still so we aren't in there much at all these days.  But once we are, it has everything we will need! 


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