Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Fresh Air + Fun

A couple weeks ago, we finished the dinner routine early and it was nice outside...and Ryan didn't need to eat right away, so we spent some time outside!  We weren't out there for too terribly long, but the kids had a blast!  Katie rode her bicycle around for a bit and then did some chalk and then helped Brad move some branches he trimmed off the trees to the street.  Here she is ready for some biking!
 And this little peanut loves spending time outside!  Goodness - he has changed so much since this picture was taken!
 And she quickly decided it was chalk time!  These kids sure love them some chalk!
 Jack came out to play too - he was excited for some chalk time!
 Oh - and the hula hoop made an appearance as well - that is always entertaining :)
 Not only does Jack like to draw lines with the chalk, but he enjoys dumping it out and watching it roll down the hill.  Such a boy.
 And this.  I can't get enough of this picture.  May have to frame it...messy mouth and all.  This is my boy.  Happy, crazy boy.
We have been spending a lot more time at home (for obvious reason) - and it has been great having time together either on the deck or playing inside or visiting with each other!  It has also been nice saving money on eating out - though we have gotten out more than I thought we would!  Everyone has been so generous with bringing meals (which of course I never turn down) that we have hardly had to do any cooking!  Whew!  I won't know how to cook once it is needed! Ha!


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  1. That photo is definitely frame worthy- so precious!