Monday, July 7, 2014

Fun With Friends

The last weekend in June, we had lots of visitors swing by - it was so great!  That Friday night, we had dinner with Brad's family and they came over to visit some more.  And then on the Saturday, my mom and brother came by (that was when Will got to hold Ryan)!  And then Sunday, we had some more visitors!
Meghan, one of my good friends from high school, was in town for the weekend and came by the house!  She met Katie a while back, so she got to see how grown up she is, as well as meet Jack and Ryan!  Here she is with Ryan :)
 And Tanja and Nick came over then as well - here are the girls!  Good gracious - I really need to throw some makeup on or something!  It is always so fun hanging out together - even if it is for a short visit!
And Nick got to hang out with Ryan some too!  Both of their expressions are hilarious here!
A little later in the day, Christie came over and brought us dinner.  We have had some amazing meals from friends - it has been absolutely amazing to not have to worry about dinner basically at all between the day the meal is brought and then having leftovers!
Here is Christie with Ryan :)  So sweet! 
 And then it was time for some relaxing after one of Ryan's TEN feedings.  Sheesh.  He's an eating machine!  But if I can get these snuggles in, that makes it all worth it.  This stage flies by, so I am trying to soak up every single minute of it!
 And he must have been worn out - he zonked out all stretched out!  So funny.
And he got a bath that night!  Nothing like a clean baby...especially when his little hair sticks straight out :) 
I love taking pictures of Ryan in the rock and play sleeper - it shows how much he is growing!  And  there really isn't much better than a sleeping baby.  So amazingly serene and adorable. 
 While the big kids were at school, Ryan and I went to visit Cat, Tyler, and Carter (Ryan's girlfriend)!  It was great to visit and get to hold that sweet girl.  And of course we had to have a little photo shoot of the two cuties. 
 I love that Carter was holding onto Ryan's arm!  It looked like he was escorting her out!
 This may be my favorite.  Sweet, sweet babies.  It will be so much fun for them to grow up and play together!
More posts to come - I really am working on catching up!  I haven't uploaded pictures in a while, so I am still working with pictures from last week now.  I can't wait to see pictures from this past weekend - red, white, + blue...and lots of summer fun with friends!


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