Monday, July 21, 2014

The Three Stooges

Good gracious - these pictures were three weeks ago.  Unreal.  My first full day with all three on my own, I decided it would be a good idea to try for a photoshoot.  Aye aye aye.  It was interesting to say the least!  But it did yield some pretty cute pictures :)  The kids were in some cute shirts (of course they had to all coordinate) - I especially loved that Jack's and Ryan's were oh so similar.  Katie was bribed with fruit snacks.  Jack wanted exactly NOTHING to do with the pictures.  And Ryan screamed about 95% of the time.  I guess that's what I'm in for when it comes to pictures in the near future :)
Love this one - despite Ryan screaming :)
And Jack was being so sweet and leaning in for a hug.
Katie loves to hold him - except she usually gives him back when he fusses.  I think the fruit snacks made her decide to stick with it this time though.
And I love this one!  This was as close to a good one as we were going to get :)
Ya gotta be quick to get a cute one of Jack!  He is wild!
Katie is so sweet - such a super big sis!
And little guy was glad that the pictures were done - he even stopped screaming!
And me?  Well I was glad it was over too :)
Goodness Ryan has changed so much in three weeks!  Such a cute little peanut!
While Jack napped, Ryan hung out in the swing and Katie watched Mary Poppins on her iPad!
Later in the day, I actually caught Jack willing to smile for a quick moment!
And my friend Kara and her three kiddos came over that afternoon and brought dinner and visited!  Ryan was excited to meet her :) In fact, he was so excited he slept most of the time (and ate the rest of the time)!
 Sadie loves the Boppy pillow :)
And then a couple of days later, I had the camera out again!  I decided we needed to get some fresh air, so I blocked off the steps and took the easel onto the deck for the kids to do chalk and then blow bubbles!  I got some great pictures of Jack - he is such a mess.  Here is my favorite series of pictures when we first got out there!
Katie was so excited to get out there and blow bubbles :)
 You can just hear his big laugh when you look at this!  Happy dude!
 And I brought Ryan's little seat out for him to hang out and get fresh air too!
 Boy am I lucky to have this girl to hang out with - we have to stick together since there are so many boys in our house now!
 They were even sweet to each other and had a big time blowing bubbles together!
 Who knows what was going on here - all I know is I love that sweet boy and his appetite for adventure!  Even though his stubbornness wears me out sometimes :)
And they had a blast coloring on the chalk board of the easel!  So glad I took it outside so they could have a big time with it!
 And they even sort of cooperated for a group picture.  It started off with Jack just taking a seat next to Ryan and smiling and then I got Katie to run over there.  When Katie sat on the other side, Jack wanted to sit with her :)
 And once Daddy got home, he and Ryan took a short snooze :)  I have a picture of him with all three of the kids asleep on his chest. 
Things are getting more and more crazy and I hate that I'm not able to blog every day.  I will get back to it once we find a routine though :) So just stick with me on this is a wild and fun one!


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  1. Routines take time, I'm still trying to find ours! Your kids are so darn cute :)