Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ryan: One Month

He is a good sleeper!  If he didn't eat all the time, it'd be even better! :)  At night he sleeps well - and will go about 4-5 hours during his long stretch between feedings.  He can sleep just about anywhere - on my chest, in his carseat, in the swing, in the Boppy pillow, in the rock and play sleeper...thank goodness!
He is a machine!  During the day he eats every 2-2.5 hours and then will go anywhere between 3-5 hours at night.  He is eating 10 times a day now (much better than the 12 times a day when we first came home from the hospital).  He has had a bottle and does really well with that (yay!) and has taken 3 ounces with no problem.  In fact, he may be ready to try 3.5 ounces!
No new "official" amount, but I weighed with and without him and he was 8.8 pounds - which is about 8 lbs, 13 oz!  
Again, no official amount here either.  His clothes are starting to feel too short, so there is no doubt he is growing lengthwise as well!
Size Clothes
Newborn - though I bet we size up to 3 month things before too long!
Size Diapers
We are still in newborn size - Huggies and Honest Co fit better...the Pampers must run a little smaller!
Hair color
What hair? :) He does have some teeny fuzz and it seems to change color!  Sometimes it looks blonde - other times brown...and even sometimes it looks reddish!
Eye color
His eyes were almost navy at birth, but they are starting to lighten up some!  I can't wait to see what color they end up being!
He already has a few of these! :)  When he wakes up and stretches, he makes a goat noise.  Like exactly like a goat.  So we call him goatboy.  He is also pretty gassy (thank goodness he can get it all out!), so we call him HWC - Human Whoopee Cushion! :)  And Little Dude.  And Doodlebop.  And Rhino.  And of course The Roc. He probably has the most nicknames out of all of us!
Looking Like
I'm not really sure here!  He has his own look - though he has times where he resembles Jack as a newborn a lot.  It will be interesting to see what features he has similar to Jack and even Katie.
Favorite toy
He loves the swing! He also likes to sit in the rock and play sleeper and look out the window in the mornings.  He does use a pacifier though he doesn't absolutely have to have it.  I think he is still on the fence on whether he likes it or not. 
Everything!  With it being his first year of life, everything is first!  His first trip to the pediatrician.
  His first trip to Target. 
 His first time going with us to a restaurant - Gigi's Cupcakes to reward Katie for doing a great job at dropoff at preschool.
His first sponge bath at home. 

 And he used the playmat for the first time!

And his first holiday (4th of July)!
First walk.
There's nothing like those first baby smiles.  It seems Ryan started smiling as he was falling asleep while we were still in the hospital!  And right around the day he was one month old, he smiled in reaction to me singing - Jesus Loves Me and You Are My Sunshine. 
He also has incredible neck strength - he was attempting to hold his head up (not for long, obviously) in the hospital - and obviously it has just continued to strengthen.  He follows our voices and tracks things with his eyes.
Anything else?
What a sweet, sweet baby.  Thank goodness - I really don't think a third child has a choice!  He goes with the flow and is a good sleeper.  He does eat often, but when he is supposed to sleep, he does!  He has more awake and alert periods during the day - at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time for sure.  He does not like to be cold at all.  And he is not a fan of the sponge bath.  The umbilical cord stump just fell off the day before he was one month - he still has just had sponge baths (we need to get the baby bathtub out and clean it).  I look forward to seeing if he enjoys kicking and splashing in the tub.  He doesn't cry much - he just grunts and makes goat noises.  He also loves his Sissy - she sings to him and he just loves it.  And I know I already said it - but boy do I love those baby smiles and sweet coos and squeaks.  And he tadpole kicks like Katie did as a baby - like he is trying to make a point! So funny. He is also SUPER ticklish - especially right under his collarbone on both sides! He is also already pulling my hair - I didn't think that started yet..? Looks like my hair will be pulled back for the next few months!



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