Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Daddy Date

A couple of weeks, Brad and Katie went on a Daddy Date to their favorite place - Chuy's!  That is where they always go...but it had been a while since they went on a date!  Here they are before they headed out...such a great picture!
 And Jack wanted in on the picture too - he sure loves his Sissy!
After they ate, they went to get an oil change and got a treat at Sonic while the car was worked on.  Sounds pretty similar to my date nights with Brad - except we usually end up at Target :)
While they were out, I took the boys and picked up Sonic.  We ate it at home and then played in the backyard!  So fun :)
I love that Brad and Katie have that special tradition.  Brad and I are already trying to figure out something special we can each do with Jack now that he is getting old enough to enjoy special one on one time!


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  1. I think it's so awesome how they have Daddy/Daughter dates!