Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Survived Our First Solo Week

Last week was the first week Brad traveled for work - and we survived!  He was gone Monday through Friday and it made for a very long week!  The kids really miss him when he is gone (especially Katie) and I miss him and his help with the kids (especially at bathtime/bedtime)!
Thank goodness for the help of friends and family!  We had dinner with friends (hooray for me not having to cook that night!), family that helped with the boys for me to go to Katie's soccer practice and parent orientation for Jack at mother's day out, people that brought food and/or came to visit - whew!  Such a nice treat to have help!
Katie loved talking to Brad on the phone each day.  And she is now really having lengthy, thoughtful conversations!  So sweet :)
And this guy was so happy in the mornings! I am so thankful he is such an easygoing guy!
And some brother snuggles one day before going to the park with some of Jack's friends!
Unbelievable!  SIX two year olds.  Standing still.  And standing together.  And looking.  And smiling.  Couldn't do it again if we tried!
The kids had finished breakfast one morning and I ran upstairs to change clothes and brush my teeth and came downstairs to this.  Katie was reading to Jack - so sweet!  She was looking at the pictures and making up a story based on what she saw.  And Jack loved it!
Ryan and I went with my mom to see my Meme!  She just moved and I wanted to see her new place - and she loves getting to snuggle Ryan!
Friday morning before we went down to the bus stop, both kids were so sweet.  I just love this picture! 
 And Ryan was a happy guy too!  I am fairly certain his cheeks grew overnight last Thursday night :) Brad definitely thought he filled out more while he was gone!
I was pretty excited that Daddy was coming home - and Sadie was too :) Can't you tell? HA!  She was actually a scaredy dog that morning because the batteries in the smoke detector in the garage needed replacing and it was beeping.  She was so crazy that she LOCKED ME OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Yes you read that right.  I had gotten the boys in the stroller for a walk and she jumped up on the door and managed to flip the lock.  Thank GOODNESS my neighbors have a key!
Sweet Sadie - happy once Dad got home and replaced the battery :)
Jack is so sweet to Ryan - he constantly wants to give him a "tiss" and makes sure his blanket stays on him in the swing.  The only naughty thing he tends to do is grab Ryan's foot and pull when they are in the stroller going down to the bus stop!  And I think he only does that when Ryan's foot gets over on his side.  Let the fun begin :)
I am glad to know I can survive a week of solo parenting.  Especially since it is about to happen way more than I enjoy.  Let the fun begin!  And hopefully the kids will be as good the next couple weeks :)


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  1. It's amazing what us mom's can do when we have to! Hope the next few solo parenting weeks go just as smoothly for you.

    I love that photo of Katie reading. My son reads to his little sister all the time. I think it's the sweetest thing ever :)