Friday, September 5, 2014

Jack's First Day of Mother's Day Out

Tuesday was Jack's first day back at the mother's day out program at our church!  His teachers this year seem to be great and he is having a good time when he goes.  I'm glad that he has two of the same kiddos with him in his class this year - and some new friends too!
When I told him I wanted to take his picture, he said, "Tree!" ... he knows I take Katie's picture in front of the tree, so he wanted to do the same thing.  Except he sits in the mulch by the tree :)
 I did manage to get this one of him standing up before he ran away from the tree.  Sweet, handsome guy.  He is seeming way too grown up these days!
 And they sure miss eachother during the day - I love this sweet moment!
 Look at those little curls on the side!  He probably needs a haircut but I just can't do it yet.  He has some hair in the back that gets super curly when he gets hot and sweaty (so basically every day) but the rest of it is pretty average! 
 And of course he had to have the choo choo in the picture.  He sure loves him some trains!
 And I managed to get a cute picture of him in the bushes (was aiming for in front of some flowers but he had to go exploring) before we went into school.
 And he walked right in like he owned the place!  And you can see that curl in the back too :)
When I picked him up, they said he was the only one that was excited and cooperative having his picture made :) That's my boy! ha!  And they commented on how cute his personality is.  I have to agree with them there!  Jack was excited that he got a cookie for doing good at naptime - it is amazing what a vanilla wafer can do for a child!  We are excited about this year and I can't wait to see how Jack grows and blossoms and learns.  He has recently starting talking in paragraphs - and is quite emphatic!  I only understand like a third of it, but I know that will change soon enough.  He is starting to be a better listener and hold my hand and cooperate.  He loves to do puzzles and play with trains and watch the movie Planes.  He could eat chips, grapes, bananas, and mac and cheese for almost every meal :)  Love that boy!


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