Sunday, September 21, 2014

Matchy Matchy Bros

I saw this cute boys outfit last spring and thought it would be cute to get a matching set for the boys.  I finally put them in it and got a couple of pictures!  I love the set - bright colors, cute design...and Jack loved the boat! 
Jack has loved giving Ryan "tisses" and "sugs" (that would be kisses and hugs - any "h" sound is usually a "s" sound with Jack these days) and wants to do love on him all the time.  He has also learned "baby talk" and it is hilarious when he talks to Ryan like that!  He also loves showing Ryan off to friends and family and even strangers!
Here Jack is giving Baby a tiss!
 And I think Ryan's expression here is priceless...he may have been scared for his life with Jack squeezing him and smothering him in tisses!
 There's a sweet baby smile!  And double chin :)
 Jack was on the move!  And a train in each hand!
 And that's the back of the outfit - love that pocket!!
 And the boys are loaded up and ready to head down to the bus stop!  Jack is obsessed with buses thanks to Sissy riding one everyday!
 Later that day, Jack got really quiet.  I came to check on him and found him sitting and looking at a book all on his own.  I sure am glad to see a bookworm side to him!  He is such a fun, sweet guy!  Active, but sweet :)
Actually, at Katie's soccer practice yesterday, Jack was playing with one of the soccer balls and dribbled it (better than Katie does, honestly) across the entire practice space!  And he was doing throw ins to Brad, who would kick it back to him...and then do it all over again!  It will be neat to see if he enjoys playing sports as he gets older - looks like he may have some athletic tendencies!  Only time will tell!


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