Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ryan: Three Months

Thank goodness this little guy is sleeping through the night now!!  I can do just about anything during the day as long as I am getting good sleep at night!  So, for instance, last night I fed Ryan at around 9 and had to wake him up at 6:45 to eat this morning (so that I could get our day going to be on time for the bus stop)!  Love it!  I'd love to feed him at around 8 and him sleep until 6.  I know that is coming eventually!  At least those couple of hours after the big kids are in bed give us time to spend with just Ryan - even if it is with him snoozing in our arms!  The child can also sleep anywhere with any amount of noise.  I guess that's what happens with the third child!  A few days ago, he fell asleep like this...
And then yesterday, he fell asleep while Katie and Jack were making an obstacle course through the living room - he could have cared less!
Still a growing boy!  He is eating 7-8 times per day still, which means about every 2-3 hours!  I am okay with that since he will sleep at night...whatever it takes!  I think he may be losing a feeding before too long...hoping it will be the later in the evening one so I can try to go to bed early!  Right now, his basic schedule is 6:30, 9:00, 11:00, 1:15, 3:15, 5:15, 7:30, 9:30.  I look forward to him consistently going three hours between feedings!  But I know he is just three months old and still needing to eat frequently.  Also, when he has a bottle (which he does awesome with, thank goodness), it is still about 4 ounces...I may try 4.25 ounces soon to see how he does!  He has also been more distracted with eating lately.  He will just stop and look at me and smile and talk, so it is sweet and cute.  But at that point in time, I want him to eat so we can be finished! 
He is unofficially 13 pounds, 6 ounces - wow! 
No official update here - but he is definitely growing!  His clothes are getting snug in the length for sure!
Size Clothes
He is wearing 3 month things still, but I think that may change soon.  I have been meaning to get the 6 month sleepers out for about a week now.  Maybe tonight will be the night :)
Size Diapers
We have a handful of size 1 diapers left and then we are on to size 2!
Hair color
He still doesn't have much, but from what I can tell, it seems like it is brown or dark blonde!
Eye color
Still blue...and they are still changing!  It seems like he may have blue eyes more similar to mine and Katie's (while Jack's are more similar to Brad)!
Looking Like
Definitely like Brad!  But he has times where he resembles Katie or Jack when they were his age. 
Little Buddy, Rhino, Baby, Doodlebop, Little Dude
Favorite toy
He still enjoys the swing - especially napping in it.  He enjoys sitting up in the Bumbo to watch me read books to the kids and see what they are up to.  He really watches the little toys hanging from the handle on his carseat.  And he has a red monkey toy that he holds onto and tries to eat.  I need to get more actual baby toys out and see what he thinks about those now that he is more interactive and interested in what is around him!
First time at church!

First time in the Baby Bjorn! - and he LOVES it!  That's what I do at the grocery and at Target now.  This was pre-shopping a consignment much easier!
And of course first football season :)
Such a happy little guy! Laughing. "Talking". Grasping.  And doing better about tummy time - or at least attempting it!  He is so incredibly strong.  I think he will roll over in a matter of days!  This is what he was doing when I was taking his 3 month picture yesterday (he was less than thrilled, so excuse the expression - I just couldn't believe he was using his leg muscles so much!).... 
Anything else?
Ryan has found his fingers...he always has his hands in his mouth!  He loves it when we hold him up and he stands up!  I still cannot get over how strong he is.  When he is laying in our arms, he tries as best he can to sit up!  I guess that is to be expected when there is so much going on in our house :)  Katie and Jack both love him to pieces.  Katie is an amazing big sister and makes sure he is safe and has everything he needs.  Jack talks in a tender voice to him and likes to tickle his feet.  Ryan is such a snugglebug - he loves to nap in my arms (or the swing or carseat, thankfully)!  He also smiles so much for us - but he really lights up for Katie! 




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