Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Football Weekend

Boy, is football season fun!  I am sure our kids are a little confused with all of the Auburn AND Tennessee cheering!  Just today, Jack was jumping around with an Auburn shaker yelling, "GO TENNESSEE!!" - pretty entertaining to say the least!
The kids were pretty excited about football last weekend.  And it was perfect that Auburn played on Saturday and Tennessee played on Sunday! 
Here the kids are ready to cheer on Auburn!  Ryan looks a little unsure :)
 I was going to take a picture of Katie with the banner and Jack wanted in as well - precious!
I love that Katie was doing the "WAAARRRRRRRR EAGLE, HEY!!" at kickoff :)  And then she went back to watching a movie on the ipad!
 And Brad and I were able to get our first date out without any children!  We weren't sure what to do with ourselves - we weren't interrupted by kids or hauling anyone to the bathroom or doing whatever it takes to get a child to eat or making sure a cup of milk wasn't flung on the floor.  Instead, we went to a sports bar and watched the rest of the Auburn game and several other games.  It was great to get some drinks and food and talk! 
 Proof that it was just us!
And we had planned to go to Arrington Vineyards or something along those lines after the game, but it started POURING down rain, so we just watched more football and then went home a little earlier.  We are such party animals aren't we??   Here we are before heading home! 
 Sunday was gameday for the Vols and Katie was so excited!  I love that all the kids have such cute clothes to support our teams :)
 She has already said she wants to be a Tennessee cheerleader.  We are in trouble.
 And then Katie suggested doing a boys picture, so here it is!
 And then a girl picture (with a side of Jack) - of course Sadie had to be in the picture since she is a girl!
 Jack likes to wear Brad's this one he looks like he is asking Brad how it looks on him!  So funny.
 And I think Katie looks so cute wearing a hat - love this!
 And then she put it on Sadie.  And it was actually pretty darn cute.
 I love this one that I got of Sadie.  It is focused on her freckled nose and she just looks like the happiest dog ever!
 And at multiple times during the game, Brad and both kids were jumping up and down yelling, "GO TENNESSEE!!" - it was quite insane.  And then a child would be tossed in the air.  Like this.  And he wanted to do it over and over, of course!
 And Katie wanted in on the fun...and that is certainly more of a work out!
 And Ryan was just a calm, chill little dude the whole time.  It sure will be interesting when he is mobile and jumping and yelling!
Love all of these cutie pies - and so glad that they seem to enjoy some sports.  Not that they have a choice :)
Such fun watching all that football.  We didn't watch nearly as much this weekend but thankfully both our teams won again.  Hope that continues for everyone's sake!



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