Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Day With The Fellas

First of all, can I just say how absolutely amazing this weather is?!  I sure wish it would just stay like this - sunny and low 70s!  We had such a fun morning.  And aren't you impressed that I am blogging same day activities?? :)
We got Sissy off to school this morning and then came home to play for a little while and feed Ryan before heading out!  I wanted to get a picture of the boys before we left and this was how it started.  As in unsuccessful.
 Ryan had a blowout that required a diaper and outfit change, so then we tried again.  And I got one of BOTH BOYS SMILING AND LOOKING! Wow.  Just wow.  Love it!
 And we were off to our first stop: the zoo!  Jack requested we see cows, giraffes, and snakes.  I am happy to report we saw two of the three - plus some other good ones!  Here he is with the giraffes!
 Love this of him checking them out!
 Before he got back in the stroller, of course he found a puddle to stomp in!
 Then we went to meet Daddy for a picnic near his office!  Jack loved his new choo choo lunchbox :)  And there was so much fun stuff to see!  For the boy that loves things that go, it was amazing - we saw 18 wheeler, dumptrucks, school buses, trolleys, ambulance, helicopter, bulldozer, airplanes, motorcycles, and of course regular cars and trucks!  He was in awe of it all!
 And of course the plane and train at the actual park - they were right next to us!
 He was so excited that he didn't want to eat - so he had fruit snacks and Yoo Hoo - I figured he will eat if he's hungry :)
 This guy slept through most of the fun!
 And I got a picture of just me and Jack! So fun :)  And see that gentleman in the background?  HE was playing the guitar along with various songs for tips.  Well the first song he did was Pharell Williams' "Happy" - we call that Jack's song!  He just lights up when it comes on.  And Jack's face when he started was priceless...and he ran and jumped and danced and clapped the entire song - all with the best smile on his face and laughing and giggling.  It was just perfect :)
Now Jack is napping and I am off to play with Ryan :) Once Katie gets home, we will be heading to a playground ASAP! 


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