Monday, September 22, 2014

Happy Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall!  Katie has been SO excited about the first day of fall - I had to write "Happy Fall!" on her calendar so she could countdown the days.  In fact, she got frustrated with me this morning because her outfit "wasn't fall colors"....she said she needed to wear red and orange to celebrate fall! HA! She finally just went with it and didn't complain too much :)  Here she is before we walked down to the bus stop!
 And this one was hilarious this morning.  He was hiding from Brad - and every time Brad would growl at him, he would laugh and laugh!  I can just hear the laughter every time I look at this picture!
 And this booger was up early this morning.  That could be due to the fact that he ate 6 times yesterday (rather than the normal 7) since he went longer between feedings!  A growing boy has got to eat, I guess!
 And after we got Katie off to school and Jack dropped off at preschool, The Roc and I had some fun time together on the floor!  He is SO close to rolling over and I think he knows it!  He has fun and gets so close and then just gets frustrated because he can't get everything coordinated at the same time to get all the way over.  Soon enough it will happen :)  I love this picture of us! 
 And this morning we headed to church for a Moms' Coffee and project!  We made these adorable pumpkins - this is how mine turned out!  It was fun to see some familiar mommas and meet new ones!  And the breakfast food was delicious.
Afterwards, we headed to Target to pick up some groceries.  Busy Monday!  We are about to go pick Jack up and then get home to get Katie off the bus, get changed, wait on Daddy to get home, and then Katie and I will head out to soccer practice!  Mondays are crazy around here!  But at least it is starting to feel a little like fall!  Now, time to get the fall wreath up, mums and pumpkins on the front porch, and a good recipe for chili!


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