Thursday, September 11, 2014

Second Soccer Season Kickoff

Katie is playing soccer again this season and is with the same team again - so fun!  Except now we are in the U-7 we play on a bigger field and have goalies!  And something else that's different? Well, let's just say you can call me Coach Mommy Extraordinaire now - ha!  Yes, I agreed to help coach this season and it is a blast! Since I played for about 10 years, it is nice to get back into it in a different way (though it definitely makes me miss playing)!
Here is Katie before her first practice!  It was a big day - it was the same day as her first full day of kindergarten and riding the bus.  To say she was tired by bedtime is an understatement!
She posed like this and asked for a picture.  Not sure what she was trying to show off...
And of course the signature silly face picture!
And then she actually let me take one at the field! She was decked out and ready to go!  And we have a new ball this season - her other one wouldn't stay pumped up!
And then after a few practices, it was game day this past Saturday!  Their colors are white and black and they are still called the Raptors!
 Showing off her name on the back - and she is #10 this season!
 And then she wanted a shot of just her uniform :)
 And what are pictures without a silly face, right?!
 Ready to jump in the car and head to the field for warm up and the game!
 Love this one - Katie and Coach Momma!
 Man she looks so grown up these days.  Slow down, time!
 And an action shot of her passing the ball to Brad.  Pretty impressive...and I love her ponytail :)
I can tell that she has better ball control this season (which really didn't take much to be honest).  And she absolutely loves playing goalie!  Maybe we found her spot!  She has made some awesome saves...and most of the time using her feet and shins!  She gets disappointed if a ball slips past her.  But she says she really likes playing goalie - and when she talks about it, she lights up!  I think most of it is because she doesn't have to run :) That's my girl! HA!

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