Friday, October 8, 2010

Bow Issue

So, as I may have mentioned before, Katie will NOT, for the life of my, leave a clippy or a bow in her hair. Ugh. I have tried everything from scolding her to letting her watch in the mirror as I put it in her hair. Everytime she takes it out, hands it to me, and says "thank you". At least she has manners, right?? Well, I was out and found these bows that have rubber bands sewn into them and thought that might be the fix. Well, it lasted about 10 minutes and out it came. Better than nothing, I guess. I have so many cute hair clippies and bows that are just waiting for her to leave them in. Hopefully it will be soon because her hair gets in her eyes! I don't want to cut her hair and give her bangs because I want it to get long enough to put behind her ear. Well for now, here are some pics of her first ten minutes of the bow with the rubber band....

She loves this little doggy she can "walk"

Digging through her toy bin at Cee Cee's house

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