Sunday, October 17, 2010

Friday Fun Day

This past Friday, we had quite the fun day. We had some friends come over for a play date, ate lunch, and then went to Target with them! Afterwards, we came home so Katie could take a nap and I could relax a little. Once she finally woke up, we headed back out for more errands and fun. While out and about, we went to the park, as well as a few other things. This picture was one of my favorites I took while we were at the park. Look at those baby blues! A few other things we learned: it IS possible to go to Toys R Us and leave without buying is not advisable to drive by Krispy Kreme while starving and with the window down - that smell is amazing...Katie loves her daddy so much. He has been traveling a lot for work lately and it seems every week after he has been gone a few days, she says "Da Da" whenever I am on the phone, whenever she sees a man dressed in a collared shirt and dress pants, and whenever a car drives past our house. We always love the day he comes home!!

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