Friday, October 29, 2010

Picky Pancake Positions

So, odd title, right? Well, that's just what this post is about. Most mornings, Katie dines on 4 little teeny pancakes and a banana with some "mih" (milk). Over the last few months, she has been very picky about the way her pancakes are on her tray. I have even tried throwing her off - she prefers the speckled side of the pancake face her. You know the pancake has a solid and a speckled side, right? Well, this little lady prefers the speckled for sure! Please notice in the picture how excited she is! And also notice they are all speckled side up (except for the one she is about to take another bite out of)! And if I try to go solid side up, she will have none of it. At least she knows what she wants, right??

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