Thursday, October 28, 2010

Successful Day for K

Item #1: Today was a landmark day in the life of my sweet little one.....she kept a rubber band in her hair from about 8:30 til about 12:30 (naptime at MDO)!!!!! This is huge. I also put another one in her hair when we got home and played outside - and she left it in until bathtime! Hopefully I can eventually put her hair up and put a cute bow or clippy on the hair pulled back. I'm not gonna push it just yet though!

Item #2: She went pee pee in her little potty again tonight before jumping in the tub. Once again - not forcing the issue, but I'm glad she is getting it!

Item #3: She has learned to climb up the little slide we have. She's been trying for a couple of weeks with no success. I am trying my hardest to teach her that she needs to walk around and climb the stairs/whatever is there, but the look on her face when she got to the top made it all okay today. She was so proud of herself!

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