Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This & That

Katie has been doing some pretty funny and entertaining things lately, and I wanted to make sure I write them down for us to remember. What better place than on the blog, right?? OK, here we go...
  • Katie loves cell phones - and remotes, and keys, and basically anything that isn't supposed to be a toy. We were out to dinner a few nights ago and she was being nosy and looking back at the table behind her. That table's waitress was there taking orders and Katie happened to notice that she had her cell phone in her butt pocket. She couldn't resist - within a matter of seconds (you could totally see the wheels turning in those few seconds), she was reaching for the cell phone. Luckily, we caught her just before she was successful!
  • Another thing Katie has always enjoyed is dancing. And she usually finds the beat right away! Well, there is a song out that has a fast beat to it and she likes dancing to it. Well, in the chorus, it says, "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes....". A couple of weeks ago, I was watching her dance while we were at a stoplight, and during that part of the song, she threw her right hand up in the air and danced! I was definitely impressed - I guess she knows what her hand is, and knows where up is! Who knew that song could prove to be educational!? :)
  • Last night, we were finishing up dinner. I had bought iced animal crackers and Brad wanted a few, which means that Katie also wanted some. These cookies are iced and have sprinkles on them, which she loved. In fact, she kept calling the sprinkles balls because they are those little round ones. She was so impressed that her cookie had little balls on it that she had to give each cookie a kiss. Oh, what a silly girl we have!

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